Pink – Keyrings & Keychains

Stickers are a fun and inexpensive way to display artwork or to make a statement. They are also a good tool for you to embellish an item or to use for promotion. You can easily make your own stickers by using one of two methods.

Print Your Own Stickers

Many types of images can be used to create a sticker. This includes the picture of a logo or graphic that is stored on a computer or other type of media. You can also design or draw an image that can be scanned into an electronic file. If you scan an image or picture, then make sure it is high quality. This is needed to reduce the effects of pixelation.

Import the scanned image or open a picture in an image editing program. You need to determine the size of the image based on the size of the finished sticker. Print a test page on regular paper to see if the image is the correct size and has the appearance you desire. Tweak the image until you achieve the best result.

The finished image will then need to be transferred onto sticker paper. You can find sticker paper at any craft or office supply store. Sticker paper comes in a variety of types for inkjet and laserjet printers. Decide on the type of sticker paper that will suit your needs. Place the sticker paper in the paper tray of your printer and print a test image. If you are happy with the result, then print the rest of your stickers. custom keychains

Allow the ink on your new stickers to fully dry. If you want to protect the new stickers from wear, then they need to be covered with clear contact paper. This makes the stickers appear glossy and will help to protect the paper from water or moisture. Peel off the contact paper from its backing and then apply it onto the sticker paper. The contact paper should fit flush with the sticker paper.

Smooth out the contact paper with your hand or with a cloth. Cut out the stickers with scissors or by using a cutting board. You can now repeat this process to make many more peel and stick stickers.

Sticker Machine

A sticker machine is another way to make your own stickers. You can find sticker machines at many online retailers. Images that you can print on standard printer paper can easily be converted to a sticker using a sticker machine. This is a great way for kids to create their own stickers to use for school or any type of project. Images can also be drawn on regular paper and converted into a sticker.

Sticker machines use a spool of adhesive that needs to be loaded into the machine. Insert the image that has been cut down to fit the sticker machine. Make sure to insert the picture or image facing up in the front of the machine. Repeat the process to create many more stickers.

Pictures or images do not need to be straight when they are fed through the machine. The new sticker is simply peeled off from the backing with no fuss involved. You can take a sticker machine with you to a preschool class or use it at home as a kid-friendly activity.